Friday, May 8, 2015

Black or white?

Theoretically, and as long as I do not have to closely interact with them very often, I do not care whether they are black or white. But when it comes to my job and working long hours every single day with them, I cannot practically remain neutral. This is when I really start to feel that I am a racist, at least to some extent. However, I do not approve any kind of racist ideas and actually do not practice it in my life, but I cannot help stop preferring one out of two. Honestly, I cannot express clearly why I would choose a black one (probably I should have kept that as a secret) and why, as an open minded person, I do care about the skin color, but I guess that this is more a matter of tactile preference than thoughtful reasoning. I mean it feels better when I touch a black one than a white one. Well, having no clear explanation about it, I just decided to surf the internet to find out about other people’s point of view on the issue because all in all I strongly believe we all have some racist preferences deep in mind, in spite of the intellectual image we are all trying to build about ourselves. In addition, as a math student I have been to many conferences and workshops in pretty different countries during the past a few years and surprisingly I recognized that the majority of even university and school teachers have a sort of favorite skin color and even more surprisingly they openly state it without any fear of being accused of racism (by the way, there are some exceptions too). I became across interesting comments on the internet and just decided to share some of them with you. Finally, it would be interesting to know your ideas as well, so do not hesitate to leave comments here. Which one do you prefer to work with, a blackboard or a whiteboard?


  1. I do agree, we are all somehow racist!

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  3. Je suis d'accord avec cette idée qu'on est tous raciste mais aux différents niveaux. À mon avis, le fait de classer les gens ou même les objets est dans la nature de l'être humain et il ne peut pas ne pas être raciste tout comme ne pas mentir. Une solution à ce défaut humain peut être une loi civile stricte en ce qui concerne les actes racistes dans la société. La peur a orienté et a modifié la vie humaine depuis son apparence et cette fois-ci, la peur d'une loi sévère cotre le racisme peut aider à le diminuer grandement dans la société.