Friday, May 22, 2015

Statistical Shapes Analysis

Statistical shapes analysis is concerned with methodology for analysing shapes in presence of the randomness. In biology and medicine one wishes to study how shape changes during growth; how shape is related to the size and how is affected by the disease; how shape is related to other covariates and how to discriminate and classify using shapes. Modern measurement systems provide 3D data of objects with new challenges in their statistical modelling and clustering.  There exits some methods which allow parametrization of a complicated 3D object with few coefficients and has been applied in computer graphics, medical imaging and many more area of studies.  

Numerous genetic diseases and cancers have alterations in nuclear morphology and method for characterization of that could aid in both diagnoses and fundamental understanding of the disorders. The main interest of my supervisor and I is to study  the shape of cells and trying to model them by some probabilistic models. This would assist us in capturing the cells pattern in different stage of its life and also enable us to verify the similarity and dissimilarity among the cell types.


  1. Interesting! it seems to be a good topic in statistical machine learning research. I hope reading more about your achievements soon :)

    1. Thanks, so kind of you :), wish you success in your academic life too